Ear Bug: and Other Mysteries
Title: Ear bug: And Other Mysteries
Author: Charles Patton
Publisher: Short Mystery Press
Year: 2016
Price - paperback: $20.24

Dive into "Ear Bug," an anthology of suspenseful short mysteries and chilling stories. This collection is a riveting journey of intrigue and dark allure, perfect for fans of detective puzzles and spooky tales. Each story within the pages of "Ear Bug" is crafted to engage and horrify, presenting unique puzzles and eerie scenarios that will captivate readers from start to finish. Whether it’s the whispered secrets of a haunted house, the cold calculation of a twisted criminal mind, or the unexpected twists of fate that only a masterful mystery can provide, this anthology promises to deliver shivers and thrills. Perfect for a night curled up by the fire or a spooky campfire gathering, "Ear Bug" is your gateway to a world where the shadows tell stories and the slightest sound could be the last thing you hear. Immerse yourself in this carefully curated collection where each tale is a gem, polished with fear and intrigue. Are you ready to explore the unknown and solve the unsolvable? "Ear Bug" awaits.

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Discover a collection of suspenseful short mysteries and chilling stories, each a riveting journey into intrigue and dark allure.