About the Author

Charles Patton, a multifaceted author with over 20 years of writing experience, has made significant contributions to both fiction and non-fiction, including notable works like “America’s Election Handbook 2024” and “Strategize Your Way to Success.” His diverse portfolio showcases a deep engagement with topics ranging from political science and strategy to artificial consciousness. As a historian, his extensive research informs his insightful exploration of democratic systems and leadership dynamics.

Originating from growing up in historically rich Woodstock, IL, Charles's passion for history and politics was nurtured alongside his academic pursuits, earning him a Mathematics degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago. This unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience has fueled his successful career across various sectors, including technology and hospitality.

Outside of writing, Charles enriches his knowledge by visiting global historical sites and contributes to the field of leadership as a consultant for Vacayhome Connect LLC. An avid Chicago sports fan, he enjoys spending downtime with his large family and supporting the Cubs and Bears.