Who do You Trust
Title: Who do You Trust
Author: Charles Patton
Publisher: Short Mystery Press
Year: 2024
Price - Hard Cover: $25.95
Price - paperback: $17.95
Price - Kindle eBook: $14.95
Price - Audiobook: $0.00 (members)

In a world shadowed by deep family secrets, siblings Jake and Crystal plunge into the murky and dangerous world of CIA espionage, each unknowingly pursuing their own separate covert agendas linked to their parents' mysterious and untimely deaths. As they delve deeper, they uncover a sinister global conspiracy, its roots tangled in the shadows of their family’s past. Every discovery of deception and intrigue draws them nearer to the core of a deadly plot involving a high-tech poison designed for mass destruction. Racing against time, they must unite to thwart a catastrophic clash that threatens global chaos and could change the face of the earth forever. Navigating a labyrinth of betrayal, Jake and Crystal's sibling bond is tested to its limits. As they unearth one shocking secret after another, the truth remains elusive in a world where trust is a rare commodity. Will they find the answers before it's too late? Join them on a pulse-pounding journey through espionage, where each revelation deepens the mystery and brings them closer to the explosive truth.

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Dive into a thrilling exploration of trust and deception through the lens of espionage. Uncover truths in a realm where every shadow could hide a lie.