Tigers of the Ice
Title: Tigers of the Ice
Author: Charles Patton
Publisher: Short Mystery Press
Year: 2024
Price - Hard Cover: $21.95
Price - paperback: $19.95
Price - Kindle eBook: $12.95
Price - Audiobook: T.B.D.

"Tigers of the Ice" is a gripping dramatization of a historical expedition's perilous quest to find a lost explorer and his crew of 129 men. Based on actual events, the narrative follows one determined ship and its crew as they venture into the treacherous Arctic. Ice-bound and isolated, they face the brutal elements, the constant threat of polar bears, and unexpected mutiny within their ranks. As the ship presses deeper into the icy wilderness, the crew encounters the indigenous Esquimaux people, adding a rich layer of cultural interaction to their harrowing survival story. Each challenge tests the limits of their endurance and the strength of their leader, revealing the profound depths of human resilience and adaptability. This tale masterfully blends historical authenticity with the dramatic flair of fiction, creating an intense and captivating account of adventure, courage, and the human spirit's tenacity. 'Tigers of the Ice' is not just a thrilling read, but also a window into the exploration's golden age, offering untold stories of those who dared to confront the unknown in the most extreme conditions.

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Discover the dramatic true story of a ship and crew battling the elements, wildlife, and mutiny in search of a lost explorer.