Artificial Consciousness
Title: Artificial Consciousness
Author: Charles Patton
Publisher: Short Mystery Press
Year: 2023
Price - Hardcover: $21.95
Price - paperback: $19.95
Price - Kindle eBook: $7.99

"Artificial Consciousness" explores the frontier where Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets human consciousness. Authored by a prominent AI researcher, this book delves into AI's capabilities and limitations, illustrating why even advanced systems lack true self-awareness and subjective experiences. It challenges existing perceptions of AI's potential, proposing a future where AI might closely mirror human consciousness through a compelling model and roadmap for Artificial Consciousness (AC). The book navigates technical advancements and philosophical debates, providing a nuanced understanding of the gap between AI and genuine consciousness. It also discusses the ethical shifts necessary as we approach the creation of AC. More than a scientific exploration, it invites readers to reconsider the interplay between technology and human experience. Ideal for those interested in technology, psychology, and philosophy, "Artificial Consciousness" offers an informed perspective on AI's future and its societal implications. This essential read will deepen your understanding of AI and contemplate its evolution.

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Explore AI's potential to mimic consciousness, see a compelling model of the Mind -- an essential read for those interested in AI and human experience.