Election Handbook
Title: America's Election Handbook 2024
Author: Charles Patton
Publisher: Short Mystery Press
Year: 2024
Price - paperback: $24.95
Price - Kindle eBook: $9.95
Price - Audible Audiobook: $12.95

America's Election Handbook 2024 is a crucial guide for today's voters. It delivers an unbiased, deep dive into the top twenty issues of the upcoming election, all through the lens of our founding principles. Years of exacting research has made this truth clear: only through replacing confrontation with conversation can America heal its divisions. Let's stop arguing and start talking. This book is crafted to break down barriers offering everyone the means for well-informed, balanced decision-making and fostering environments where constructive dialogue thrives. Civil discourse is not just a path to change; it's the foundation of our collective progress. This isn't a campaign for your vote but for your voice - informed, considered, and impactful. Dive into this essential read, enrich your perspective, and join a movement toward a forward-moving America. The time for change is now, let your journey start with America's Election Handbook 2024.

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